Swim Defiance 2019


Swim Defiance mandatory safety meeting will be held at 7:00 am the day of the race.

Lifeguards and safety boats will monitor the entire course. All participants MUST attend the safety meeting. Body marking required on hands. Competitors must wear color-coded race caps, safety buoy, and race chip during the entire race. The host will provide the color-coded race caps and race chips. There is a $20.00 charge for all lost chips.

Swim safety buoys are MANDATORY for this race.

SaferSwimmer Buoy Information

If you do not have a SaferSwimmer or equivalant buoy, here are a couple options for purchasing one:

  • Purchase at registration, they will be available for pickup race day morning at the registration table
  • Northwest Tri and Bike Shop
    15423 SE 272nd Street, Suite 107
    Kent, WA 98042
    * Mention you are registered for the Swim Defiance for special pricing
  • Search online for a LARGE 'SaferSwimmer' buoy
  • SwimOutlet.com sells Safer Swimmer Buoys. Check out our recommended items for Swim Defiance swimmers.

    Buy your Safer Swimmer at Swim Outlet

Swim Defiance Safety Layers