Swim Defiance 2018

Environmental Services Sponsorship
City of Tacoma

Center for Urban Waters

Swim Defiance is a 3K and 5K Open Water Swim event across Dalco Passage that protects and enhances Tacoma's environment by creating awareness and stewardship for the Earth’s precious resource, water. We have received a sponsorship from The Port of Tacoma Environmental Stewardship Program, which is committed to doing business in a way that protects the environment. They intend to grow responsibly to ensure continued trust in our collective future. Learn more about their environmental efforts to improve air and water quality and restore the land at http://www.portoftacoma.com/community/environment. They also offer free, guided bus tours of port operations nearly every month and host free boat tours once a year during Tacoma Maritime Fest.

The race committee is committed to do our part by enforcing a small carbon footprint (Reusable water bottle award w/refillable large 17 gallon cooler containers to TOTALLY ELIMINATE plastic water bottles, paperless entries, no day before race meeting, carpool/walk to ferry, use of public transportation/Ferry for 1-way swimmers, reuse of all race finish line items such as large finish line inflatable, towels/blankets, flagging and finish area mats, up-cycled awards and giveaways), disciplined recycling and beach cleanup at the event. We have invited representatives from Citizens for a Healthy Bay (CHB) to attend the event and educate the swimmers to be Citizen Stewards, to prevent storm drain pollution. To participate in their eco-friendly volunteer opportunities please go to https://www.healthybay.org/. CHB also conducts an annual dinner and auction (April 21st this year) with incredible auction items, that is a must do for anyone in Tacoma.

The majority of the participants and volunteers at the Swim Defiance event utilize recycling and garbage services daily. We specifically select our post-race food to optimize recycling while minimizing waste and garbage. We also locate the garbage/recycling bins near the announcer and food distribution volunteers so that they can answer recycling questions and keep a close eye on what is being placed in each container. The announcer periodically educates the participant and spectators on the value of proper recycling and the containers are reviewed at the end of the event for proper recycling placement.

Get hooked on helping at these cleanup events held every 3rd Saturday, of the month, at the Point Defiance Marina. Join other volunteers to make a difference in the health and cleanliness of our beaches.

Meet at Point Defiance Marina Complex, 5912 N. Waterfront Drive. 3rd Saturday of the month from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

For more information go to the Metro Parks Tacoma calendar of events at http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/calendar/index.php?cid=5744